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The Starless sea

The Starless Sea – Erin Morganstern

WoW rating 5/5


Review Summary: An engrossing story which includes many parables to enhance the main story whilst providing a captivating read of their own.

This was a rare pleasure as it isn’t often I come across a book I struggle to put down. This took me less than a month to read.

It wasn’t even a book I had heard of or chosen myself, it was a secret santa present, or rather a secret Jolabokaflod present from a fellow bookseller. I’ll tell you more about Jolabokaflod closer to Christmas.

The first two lines draw you right into the story, or rather stories. For me personally this left me intrigued and keen to continue to find out more about this story, particularly the journey it was about to take me on

There is a Pirate in the Basement.
(The Pirate is a metaphor but also still a person)

As the tale unfolds you find yourself keenly reading about, not only the adventure the main character has found themselves on, but also an intertwined series of smaller stories in between. Some could be called parables, a short story of only a few pages used to convey a moral or spiritual lesson. While others are not immediately obvious but if you continue to read the pay off is at the end where everything does tie in together.

Personally, I absolutely loved this book, possibly because the focus of the story is based on stories. Even though the stories seem disjointed they all have a purpose and patience may be required, but for me that wasn’t necessary as I was absolutely engrossed by the flow of the whole book from beginning to end.

I found the characters engaging and interesting, whist also on occasion being enigmatic. You’re always given just enough information to leave you wanting more and for me that was very powerful, as like I previously said, I struggled to put this book down the whole time I was reading it.

If like me, you are a lover of stories then I cannot recommend The Starless Sea enough. The words shape the story and in this instance they truly have been chosen well to help build a fantastic and engaging narrative.


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