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Welcome to Words of Weston

Words of Weston has been around since 2020, an idea that began during the pandemic when I was looking for a change.

Now the website is up and running and I am excited to share with you how I want Words of Weston to grow in the future, not only through the books we sell, but other products, events, articles, and collaborations.

I will be updating the blog entries periodically, plus there will be one very special blog entry exploring the History of “Independent Bookshops in Weston-super-Mare” This particular piece I plan to be the pride of the website and as I learn new information from new sources I will update it accordingly

Collaborations will be important for helping Words of Weston to grow and develop into something more than just a bookshop, but I would like to see it thrive as a community hub for all those that enjoy reading, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction. Working with young readers is also something I feel is extremely important so I will be hoping to build up close relationships with schools, and community groups that support the next generation of readers.

If there is a book you want to read, I want to hear about it. If there is a book you want to share, I want the chance to share it for you. If you want to let others know why you love reading, then let me know and guess what, I’ll share it.

Any ideas are welcome, for example I do have an idea for a book and bottle subscription box, because well who wouldn’t enjoy a bottle of beer or even a glass of wine with their book. Any thoughts or suggestions on what kind of bookshop you want Words of Weston to be then please do get in touch, because in the end I am here to help you enjoy or find your passion for reading.


At Words of Weston we want to help people discover the joy a book can bring to their lives. That’s why we want to help the local schools to help our future generations discover that joy early in their lives.