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Zero Waste: Christmas : Crafty Ideas for a Sustainable Christmas by Emma Friedlander-Collins & Christine Leech


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Celebrate Christmas the zero-waste way with these crafty solutions for everything from Christmas tree decorations to advent calendars. The zero-waste movement is huge and this collection of crafty ideas will help you to create your own zero waste solutions for a sustainable Christmas. It’s time to reclaim Christmas – this collection is all about using the things around you to bring festive cheer to your home.

It’s about crafting and creating together and using what you’ve got to make unique. Unusual items that you can enjoy year after year. By crafting your zero-waste Christmas you are also creating memories. Upcycling and reuse gurus Emma Friedlander-Collins and Christine Leech show you how to turn Christmas into a zero-waste experience with step-by-step instructions and some clever ideas.

Packed full of original ideas, Zero Waste: Christmas will help you to celebrate the zero-waste way and improve your efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle while at the same time having fun.