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Sherlock Holmes and The Twelve Thefts of Christmas by Tim Major


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A thrilling chase as Sherlock Holmes is set a fiendish puzzle by Irene Adler over a snowy London Christmas. Sherlock Holmes’s discovery of a mysterious musical score initiates a devious Christmas challenge set by Irene Adler. With clues that are all variations on the theme of ‘theft without theft’. Such as a statue missing from a museum found hidden in the room it was taken from. In the lead-up to Christmas, Holmes’s preoccupation with the “Adler Variations” risks him neglecting the case of his new client. Norwegian arctic explorer Fridtjof Nansen, who has received a series of threats in the form of animal carcasses left on his doorstep.

Could they really be gifts from a strange spirit that has pursued Nansen since the completion of his expedition to cross Greenland? And might this case somehow be related to Irene Adler’s great game?