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Santa Gets a Second Job by Michele D’Ignazio


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Times are tough for Santa. He’s tightened his belt, made the reindeer redundant. Now it’s time to get a second job. But finding work is not easy at all, even if you’re Santa. He tries being a waiter, a party entertainer, and even works in a call centre.

He finally finds the perfect job to be useful to the community as a the bin man! Santa discovers that waste can conceal wonderful gifts. He is soon back on his sled delivering toys made from recycled materials. When Santa finds some lost letters from years ago in the bin, begging to meet him, he sets out to find their owner. Will he be able to find them and finally grant their wish before Christmas Day?Hilarious and heartwarming, Santa Gets a Second Job is the perfect present for Santa fans of all ages from Michele D’Ignazio and Sergio Olivotti.