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Entronauti by Piero Scanziani


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Italian Book.

On a perennial journey between Europe, America and Asia, at the end of the sixties a refined intellectual is in search of the entronauts. A neologism coined by Scanziani to identify the great mystics who consecrate their lives to the investigation of the inner continents. Initial destination is India, for a comparison with a contemporary Diogenes and Plato. A second journey takes the protagonist to the American continent. Where he meets the lay monks of California, thinker-scientists, and the nudists of Los Angeles, and analyzes the secrets of an ancient Amerindian cult. After the United States, therefore, the research continues in Europe. First in London, to meet Maggie McCann, teacher of omnipotence. Then in Paris, where the Leroys live, experts in the dissociation of the soul from the body. And so, from land to land, the protagonist refines his existential question, in an insatiable thirst for truth. He sets out in search of the Sufis, in Persia. But not before having witnessed the joyful dance of the dervishes, penetrating the secret of Islam. Then he moved to the East, with only one goal: to overcome death.


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