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All The Weyrs of Pern by Anne McCaffrey


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Let Anne McCaffrey, storyteller extraordinare and New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling author, take you on a journey to a whole new world: Pern and discover not only its flora, fauna, population and cultural hierarchy, but the history of an entire civilization.

When AIVAS — the Artificial Intelligence Voice Address System — was first discovered at Landing, the entire planet of Pern was awed at the knowledge it divulged. All the history of the people of Pern was there. Dragonholders, Lord Holders and Craftmasters crowded into the tiny inner room to learn the secrets of their beginnings.

Ana AIVAS had other gifts to offer, stored information of old crafts that had been forgotten, of medicine, music and technology. But the greatest promise AIVAS offered was the chance to rid Pern of Thread forever. All the great ones of Pern began the long and arduous task of learning just how to operate the incredible plan.

This was a plan of such daring and epic proportions that both dragons and riders would be put at risk…

Condition: Minor damage to spine, pages worn.


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