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A Guide to Eco-Anxiety : How to Protect the Planet and Your Mental Health (Anouchka Grose)


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A Guide to Eco-Anxiety outlines a manifesto for action, connection and hope. Showing how to harness anxiety for positive action, as well as effective ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint. The most powerful thing we can do to combat climate change is to talk about it and act collectively.

But despite it being an emergency, most people don’t bring climate change into conversation in everyday life. The book explores the health impact of experiencing eco-anxiety, grief and trauma, and signposts recommended treatments and therapies. It also tackles practical issues such as: why it’s important to reduce plastic waste; parenting and the choice to have a family; which is more effective to bring your carbon footprint down, go vegan or fly less?The book will cultivate a pragmatic form of hope by offering a dynamic toolkit packed with practical ways to connect with community and systemic support, self-care practices to ease the symptoms of anxiety, and strategies to spread awareness and – crucially – bring about change.


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