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About us

Where it all began...

Words of Weston is an Independent Bookshop brought to you by James Fouracre, who also works in the IT industry since leaving college more than a decade ago (I’m not going to make it easy for you to guess my age) Words of Weston was an idea born of the pandemic after going through a period where I wasn’t enjoying the role I was in at the time. Although currently Words of Weston is a background online only project the ultimate dream is to build it into a bricks n mortar bookshop.

Why Words of Weston?

Because the words are important, together they help shape the story, develop the characters, and take the reader on a journey. Together the words can offer a way to escape, a way to look at things from new angles, and new perspectives. The words offer us a chance to build and develop into the best version of ourselves. This is the power of the words, whether they’re fiction or non-fiction. 

A Tribute to Weston’s independent bookshops

This blog will be an ongoing entry, periodically updated as I learn more about the history of independent bookshops in Weston-super-Mare and I hope will keep people both fascinated and prove that once again Weston needs an independent bookshop at its heart, Lets start with defining an independent bookshop. This is a personal definition that will help me shape this entry in the future, and it is subject to change. “An Independent Bookshop is an individual entity that has a physical traditional bricks ‘n mortar) presence, within your town or city. It acts as a sole presence with the purpose ...
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Book Reviews

The Starless sea

The Starless Sea – Erin Morganstern WoW rating 5/5   Review Summary: An engrossing story which includes many parables to enhance the main story whilst

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