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A Tribute to Weston’s independent bookshops

This blog will be an ongoing entry, periodically updated as I learn more about the history of independent bookshops in Weston-super-Mare and I hope will keep people both fascinated and prove that once again Weston needs an independent bookshop at its heart,
Lets start with defining an independent bookshop. This is a personal definition that will help me shape this entry in the future, and it is subject to change. “An Independent Bookshop is an individual entity that has a physical traditional bricks ‘n
mortar) presence, within your town or city. It acts as a sole presence with the purpose of benefiting the community as opposed to benefiting any external benefactors.”


At Words of Weston we want to help people discover the joy a book can bring to their lives. That’s why we want to help the local schools to help our future generations discover that joy early in their lives.